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    Life is nothing without chocolate :D

    • akram1913

      hhhhhh good

  • Love is A Lonely Place Without You

    I know I'm not alone
    I should not be afraid
    Because I hear your voice
    And I know you're there beside me
    And so I give my heart
    I live to love again
    But I can't let go of the way I feel about you

    Love is a lonely place without you , I miss you
    And you’re almost here and I'm almost touching you
    Love is a place I have to hide away
    I will never love this way again
    If love was ever true
    I know it was with you

    Because you touched my soul
    And you will stay with me forever
    No tears no sad goodbyes
    There are no reasons why
    But I'm holding on
    I believe in love eternal
    Though I'm moving on

  • Life is nothing without friendship

    • a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgetten the words

    • bien dit

  • There’s nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted.

  • Life is nothing without friendship